The list of services provided by “RAQAMLI KADASTR” LLC

Monitoring of agricultural land and forestry

– monitoring of agricultural lands (fields, gardens, pastures, etc.);
– obtaining geo-attached photographs of objects and areal captures, subsequently, processing the photo-materials to create orthophoto maps at a scale of 1: 500; 1: 2000;
– creation of cadastral maps;
– create models of lands in 3D format;
– creation of the maps of highlands;
– application of the means of biological protections (trichograms) in the fields and plantations for environmentally friendly farming;
– yield forecasting;
– analytics of the quality of fieldwork;
– analytics of the uneven development of plant conditions;
– adjustment of the application of desiccants;
– identification of stress zones;
– identification of the state of plants in critical phases of development;
– prescription map for differential fertilizer application.

Overall: a comprehensive report on the state of agricultural crops with specific recommendations for optimizing the cultivation of agricultural products and the rational use of land.

Monitoring of linear objects (highways, railways, pipelines)

– capture of areal and linearly extended objects of any size;
– creation of geo-attached orthophoto maps of high resolution;
– pre-design surveys in the design of roads and pipelines.

Overall: Orthophoto maps of the passage of pipelines and the conditions around them. Necessary cartographic material needed for the design of linear objects.

3D models of cities

– creation of detailed photorealistic 3D surface models in the required coordinate system.

Basic Cadastral Maps

– creating the basis for comprehensive cadastral work.

Survey of power line

– capture of power lines of any length;
– detailed inspection of overhead power lines;
– the actual width of the clearing within the overhead power lines;
– the heights of individual trees, different from the digital surface models;
– the number and location of threatening trees within the secured zone;
– area threatening the trees and shrubs within the security zone;
– fall zones of individual trees within the security zone;
– horizontal distances from overhead lines to vegetation within the security zone;
– metric characteristics with reference to a digital terrain model.

Overall: Comprehensive report of the conditions of power lines and clearings.

Thermal capturing

– leaks in heating mains;
– monitoring of underground and above-ground thermal communications;
– search for problems in oil lines;
– search for equipment defects;
– localization of leaks or wastewater discharge points;
– assessment of the thermal efficiency of buildings and the search for places of heat leakage: reducing the cost of heating buildings;
– search for objects with a high temperature: sources of smoldering and burning, overheated equipment which are invisible in ordinary photographs;
– search of animals and people in remote areas;
– The results of thermal capturing can be presented in the form of a 3-D model.

Overall: a comprehensive report on the thermal state of monitoring objects, with specific recommendations on applying necessary activities.

Ecological monitoring

– assessment of the ecological state of the utilization of nature;
– assessment of possible environmental damage;
– detection of contaminated areas;
– Detection of illegal dumps;
– control of existing landfills for waste storage;
– monitoring the activities of enterprises.

Overall: a comprehensive report on the environmental status of the monitoring objects, with specific recommendations on applying necessary activities.

Aeromagnetic research and exploration

– conducting a multi-height magnetic capturing to create a cube of anomalous magnetic field;
– registration of diurnal variations of the magnetic field with an interval of 1-2 seconds;
– detection of magnetic anomalies, which may indicate the presence of minerals in the studied area;
– data of the observed magnetic field is recorded 10 times per second, which will provide a distance on the surface between the observation points between 0.8 – 1 m;
– the average error in determining the coordinates of the observation points which does not exceed ± 2 m, after performing differential data correction;
– average square error of capturing does not exceed ± 2 nT.

Overall: a comprehensive report on the state of the magnetic field of the area, with the analysis and interpretation of magnetometry data.

Monitoring of ice and snow on the highlands

– assessment of the state of glaciers;
– measurement of ice volumes;
– assessment of the avalanche hazardous environment.

Overall: a comprehensive report on the state of glaciers, snow coverages and avalanche hazards, with specific recommendations on applying necessary activities.

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